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  • Takara

    PCR, qPCR, cDNA, Cloning, Restriction Enzyme, MiniBest DNA/RNA purification, Bioassay kit,
    Procollagen Type I C-peptide (PIP) ELA Kit, Epigenetics, PCR Instrument

  • Clontech

    In-Fusion Cloning, SMARTer cDNA, Mir-X microRNA, Guide-it CRISPR/Cas9, AcGFP Fluorescent protein, NGS,
    DNA-seq, RNA-seq, Viral Transduction

  • Cellartis

    DEF-CS culture system, iPSC single-cell cloning, Human iPSC Hepatocyte, Human iPSC B-cell, Human iPSC Cardiomyocytes,
    Endothelial cell, iPSC Reprogramming, Neural stem cell

  • AntibodyGenie

    over 15,000 validated antibodies

  • AssayGenie

    over 1,200 cell-based & biochemical assay kit

  • ELISAGenie

    over 24,000 ELISA kit & SuperSet, Multiplex Immunoassay kit

  • Transgen

    PCR, qPCR, RT, Cloning, Restriction Enzyme, DNA Ladder, Protein Marker, Cell Counting Kit

  • Lonza

    SeaKem, SeaPlaque, NuSieve, Metaphor Agarose, Electrophoresis Buffer, Microplasma detection

  • Mupid

    Electrophoresis, Mupid One, Mupid exU, Mupid 2-plus

  • Mirus

    Trans IT-transfection reagent

  • p.j.k

    Reporter System, Beetle-juice, Renilla-juice, Gaussia-juice, ß-Gal Juice

  • Tiangen

    Nucleic acid purification, Soil, Blood, FFPE, Plant, Stool, Marine, Swab DNA Kit, RNA purification, Plasmid DNA purification kit

  • Zymoresearch

    Epigenetics, DNA / RNA Methylation, DNA / RNA Clean-up